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Article: 2021 JCK Award Winners

2021 JCK Award Winners

Maui Divers Jewelry is excited to announce our latest winners at the 2021 JCK Jewelers' Choice Awards. For over 8 consecutive years, we've been recognized by JCK for our quality, designs and artistry. This year alone, we won 4 awards! That brings our total number of JCK awards to 28. Explore our 2021 winners!

Mahina (Moon) Mermaid in Two Tone Gold with Diamonds

The Mahina (Moon) Mermaid captures moonlit nights in paradise. Inspired by Kananaka, a legendary mermaid who frequented the shores of Lāhainā in Maui singing and dancing under the light of the moon, this piece brings to life the magic and mystic of the Islands.

2021 JCK Award Winner - Mahina Moon Meraid in Two Tone Gold with Diamonds - Diamond Category Under 2500

E Ho'āla One-of-a-kind Earrings & Pendant

First worn by Kimié Miner at the 2020 GRAMMY Awards, the E Ho'āla, which means “The awakening,” is inspired by the Hawaiian Sunrise. A symbol of new beginnings and the promise of possibilities, these inspired pieces capture the rays in 14k yellow gold, faceted diamonds and lustrous Akoya or South Sea Pearls.
2021-JCK-Award-Winner---One-of-a-kind-EHo’āla-South-Sea-Pearl-Pendant-in-Gold-with-Diamonds---BestNecklace-Category-Over-10000-and Editor's Choice

Pearls in Bloom

Pearls in Bloom, a symbol for all of life’s moments. Whether it’s smelling the sweetness of plumerias, welcoming new life or experiencing something for the first time---Pearls in Blooms represents the moments to remember forever!


Discover all our design awards from the Hawaiʻi Jewelers Association and past JCK Awards.


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