From Adventurous Divers to Hawai‘i’s Favorite Jeweler

The story of Maui Divers began in 1958 as adventurous divers on Maui. One year later in 1959 an expedition led us to discover Hawaiʻi's state gem, black coral. This moment changed our lives and sparked our exploration into jewelry. After 60 years, we've grown to become Hawaiʻi's favorite and most trusted jeweler. We welcome you with Aloha to join us on our journey and share in the adventure. Locally made in Hawaiʻi from our ʻOhana to yours.

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The Story of Maui Divers Jewelry

Our story began as an undersea tour company named Maui Divers Jewelry. Located in Lāhainā, Maui, local guides escorted adventurous visitors to experience the exotic ocean life. During one expedition, they made an astonishing discovery. It was Hawaiian black coral beds.

Early pictures depict one of the founders, Cliff. He came to the Islands after he was shipwrecked in Hawaiʻi.


Discovery & Sustainability

After discovering the deep-sea coral beds, the Maui Divers Jewelry story began. Working together with the University of Hawaiʻi, they researched the deep-sea corals, learned their unique characteristics, and helped create regulations to protect them. These practices and discoveries were featured on 1979 May's issue of National Geographic.

Did you know? Black Coral is Hawaiʻi's State Gem


Locally Made in Hawaiʻi

As they experimented with Hawaiian black coral, they learned it had incredible luster and began using it in jewelry, incorporating pearls, diamonds, and high-quality gems.

Today, you can visit and learn how each piece is created, inspired, and designed in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. With over 63 years of experience and thousands of customers worldwide, we are are the most trusted Hawaiian jewelry manufacturers in the Islands.

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