The Hidden Meaning Behind Pearls

Purple Freshwater Pearl Earrings and Journey Pendant in Rose Gold with Loose Purple Freshwater Pearls

Did you know that every color pearl has a hidden meaning? You may have shopped for pearls based on color before, but now you can shop for pearls based on its meaning or to match your pearl-sonality. Whether it's a pink, peach, black, white, or lavender pearl, each color has a distinct meaning that you can wear as a reminder or to represent your personality.

Discover Your Pearl-sonality

Black Freshwater Pearls

Black pearls were made for the bold type, the athlete, the thrill seeker! Representing strength and prosperity, the black pearl is a reminder that you have the power and will inside you to make anything possible. There's nothing that can stop you from reaching your dreams.

White Freshwater Pearls 

White pearls are for the optimist. You're gentle in nature and nurturing. You always have a smile on your face and can see the bright side of things even in the worst situations. White pearls represent beauty and hope. Wear the white pearl to represent the beauty in every day life, the beauty you see in others, and the beauty you see in yourself. You are a ray of light to others.

Pink Freshwater Pearls

Pink pearls are for the romantics. There's not a love song you haven't loved or can't sing along to, you're a romantic through and through. Pink pearls represent happiness and romance. When you wear your pink pearl, it opens your heart and allows you to see the potential for love everywhere. 

Lavender Freshwater Pearls

Lavender pearls are for the artist, the creative, the passionate ones. A fire for what you love has always lived inside you and you pour yourself into everything you do. Lavender pearls represent love and passion. Wear your lavender pearl to ignite your creative side and to remind yourself to chase your passion.

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