Selecting the Perfect Size Pearl

Ever wonder how to select the perfect size pearl for your ring?

Now, you can shop confidently knowing what size pearl you're looking for. Whether you want the pearl to stand out or add a dash of color to your other rings as you stack them, our guide will help answer all your questions. 

Some factors to consider:


    • Depending on your skin tone, certain colors may blend to your skin tone and may not be as large as they appear when worn. How does this happen? Luster will reflect your skin tone against the pearl in lighter colored pearls and blend with your skin.


    • The size of the pearl can also appear differently depending on the width of your finger. Always check the width of your finger and compare it to the size of the pearl.  
    • If you have an active lifestyle, always consider the size as a factor. If you're not use to wearing a large pearl, you may unknowingly damage your pearl if you hit it against everyday objects.
    How to select the correct size pearl for your rings

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