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Kamohoaliʻi ʻIwa Bird Feather Ring in Gold - 11mm

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SKU: 100-02060
Sale price$845.00 USD
‘Iwanuikīloumoku means “the ʻiwa bird that hooks the islands together” and refers to the mighty King Kamehameha in his conquest to unify the Hawaiian Islands. Known as the great ʻIwa bird, it is one of the largest and strongest birds of Hawaiʻi and a family guardian.
  • The Kamohoaliʻi Collection
  • ʻIwa Bird Feather Design
  • Ring
  • 14k Yellow Gold
  • 11mm
  • Additional sizes available for special order, contact us
  • Exclusively Made in Hawaiʻi
  • Forever Guarantee (Warranty on the life of the piece)
  • Free Shipping on USA Orders $100 or more