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Article: The Meaning Behind our Designs

The Meaning Behind our Designs

Did you know there’s a meaning behind every design? From our Nalu (Wave) to our humble Honu (Sea Turtle), there’s a meaning behind each and every design. Whether you’re shopping for a new piece to add to your collection or curious what your piece means, wearing your jewelry will take on a whole new meaning with our Hawaiʻi inspired designs.

Plumeria FlowerKnown for its sweet fragrance, vibrant colors, and graceful appearance, the plumeria is renowned as the flower of welcome in the Hawaiian Islands. Found on every Island, the plumeria is a delightful flower that is traditionally used in lei making. Presenting loved ones with leis on special occasions is a way to show love and affection. A symbol of grace, beauty, charm, the plumeria is a perfect gift for friends, family, and beloved.

Hawaiian Jewelry Plumeria Rings and Pendant

Honu (Sea Turtle)
Regarded as a spiritual guardian or ‘Aumākua, the Honu is a symbol of prosperity, long life, and good luck. Legend has it that Honu were the first ones to lead the Polynesian settlers to the Hawaiian Islands. Natural-born navigators, wear the Honu as a reminder to navigate life with heart. Even wear the Honu as an ʻOhana (family). Select from two to four Honu as a way to carry each loved one with you every day.

Honu Hawaiian Jewelry Pendants


Hawaiian Ocean and Mountains in Black and White
An ancient symbol of harmony illustrated by dancing circles, the concept of Yin and Yang is a way of life here in the Islands. Living in harmony with nature and with each other is living Aloha. Wear the Yin Yang Collection as a symbol of harmony, balance, and a reminder that there is good, even on bad days.

Shop the Yin Yang Hawaiian Jewelry Collection

Aloha Heart - Hands Forming Heart at Sunset
The Aloha Heart combines the heart-warming spirit of Aloha with its symbolic message of love. Here in the Hawaiian Islands, Aloha represents more than just “hello” and “goodbye,” it represents a way of life. Aloha is kindness, compassion, care, love, and community. Wear our signature Aloha Heart Collection as a reminder to live each day with an open heart. Every time you need a reminder, simply hold the Aloha Heart up to the light to reveal the hidden message of Aloha in its shadow.

Aloha Heart Hawaiian Jewelry Collection

Nalu (Ocean Wave)
Vibrant sparkling waves in the Islands are so much more than a breathtaking sight. In Hawaiʻi, the ocean is a source of healing powers, food, and a foundation for fun. The Nalu Collection captures the beauty, power, and grace of the ocean. Wear our double Nalu to represent you and your loved one or the triple Nalu to represent your past, present, and future. Our latest Nalu Heart represents the past and future as the heart holds the swelling wave of love that grows stronger each day, each year, and forevermore.

Nalu (Wave) Hawaiian Jewelry Collection

Nalu (Wave): Beauty, Power & Grace

Coral Branches with Text "Hawaiian Heritage"
If you have seen our logo, then you may have noticed that our logo is actually a coral branch tree. The coral branch is a reminder of our beginnings as an undersea tour company. In 1959, Maui Divers uncovered Hawaiian black coral, which later became Hawai’i’s state gemstone in 1987. Since the beginning, Maui Divers Jewelry has helped to protect and converse the deep-sea coral by working with the University of Hawaiʻi to create regulations to protect black coral. Wear the Hawaiian Heritage Collection’s coral branch design as a reminder to care for the environment.

Hawaiian Heritage Black Coral Design Jewelry

Monstera Collection showcasing Monstera Plants
Not only a gorgeous tropical houseplant with unique splitting leaves and opening, but the Monstera is also a dramatic statement in 14k gold. Known for its vitality, the Monstera represents longevity, honor, and growth. When you wear your Monstera, it’s a reminder that with each day there’s an opportunity for growth.

Monstera Tropical Hawaiian Jewelry CollectionMonstera: Longevity, Honor & Growth

E Hoʻāla (The Awakening) Collection text on top of the waves with the sunset
Inspired by the Hawaiian sunrise, our E Ho'āla Collection captures those stunning skies with polished rays of gold and diamonds. As each new day approaches, use the E Ho'āla as a symbol of new beginnings and the promise of possibilities. Wear the E Ho'āla as a reminder that each day provides new chances to chase our dreams.

The Awakening Hawaiian Sunrise Collection

Hawaiian Heirloom with Maile Leaf Design - Maile Leaves
Did you know that the maile (pronounced my-leh) lei used to be worn by Hawaiian royalty? A symbol of royalty and unity, the rare and fragrant maile leaf are found in the deep jungles of Hawaiʻi. Used at weddings to unify couples and for special occasions, the maile lei is a common lei for men. Incorporated into our Hawaiian Heirloom and Living Heirloom designs, wear the maile leaf as a symbol of peace, friendship, love, and respect.

Hawaiian Heirloom Hawaiian Jewelry Collection with Maile Leaf Design

Bamboo Forest in Hawaiʻi
Strolling through bamboo forests in Hawaiʻi is one of the most calming experiences. The rush of the wind through the branches is serene. Like the bamboo forest, our Bamboo Forest collection is a symbol of the bamboo’s extraordinary growth, tranquility, and remarkable strength. When you wear our Bamboo Forest Collection, you become a true force of nature.

Bamboo Forest Hawaiian Jewelry CollectionBamboo Forest: Growth, Tranquility & Strength

What designs inspire you? With meaningful designs throughout our collection, you can mix and match designs to create your own special meaning. From the welcoming spirit of the plumeria to the love found in Aloha, there’s a special piece that is here to inspire and guide you every day.

Discover Paradise Palms - Palm Tree Jewelry by Maui Divers Jewelry
The blissful swaying palm trees throughout Waikīkī are peaceful, carefree, and resilient. Inspired by these sparkling sunny days in Honolulu, the Paradise Palms Collection is a reminder to leg go, have fun, and enjoy the moment.


Paradise Palms Collection by Maui Divers Jewelry


Paradise Palms: Leg Go, Have Fun & Enjoy the Moment
Shop Tiny Bubbles Pearl Jewelry Collection

Inspired by playful bubbling seafoam, the Tiny Bubbles Collection combines a starry display of diamonds with a colorful curation of freshwater pearls. It's your reminder to look for the exciting moments found in the little things in life.

Tiny Bubbles Pearl Ring, Pendant and Earrings by Maui Divers Jewelry



What designs inspire you? With meaningful designs throughout our collection, you can mix and match designs to create your own special meaning. From the welcoming spirit of the plumeria to the love found in Aloha, there’s a special piece that is here to inspire and guide you every day.

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