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Article: Wear Your Favorite Moments of Hawai'i

Wear Your Favorite Moments of Hawai'i

Lanikai Beach on Oahu at Sunet

Have you felt a moment so special you wanted to relive it time and time again? Perhaps your child's first steps on the beach, spotting a Honu (sea turtle) during a swim at North Shore, or the cotton candy skies at Lanikai beach? While you may not be able to bottle up these moments, you can turn your memories into lifelong keepsakes with designs that capture moments you always hoped to remember.

Blossoming Hawaiian Flora:

Plumeria Flowers
Ever been to a graduation in Hawaiʻi? Then you know full well that leis are an integral part of this rite of passage. Most graduates are covered with so many fragrant plumeria leis, they can barely see!

Plumeria Mother of Pearl Collection

Plumerias are symbolic of new beginnings, positivity, grace, and charm, making them a perfect way to commemorate special occasions and welcome loved ones to Hawaiʻi. Greeting visitors with a fragrant lei is an iconic symbol of the islands and a first glimpse of the warm Aloha spirit. Whether you wore them around your neck or tucked behind your ear, you experienced the meaningful beauty and fragrance of the Plumeria.

Under Sea Adventures in Hawaiʻi:

Honu Sea Turtle Under Water
Very little can compare to the first time you catch a glimpse of Hawai'i's sea creatures. That rush of being in the presence of something so majestic is like witnessing a miracle! That surprise sighting of dolphins joyfully plunging out of the water along the Leeward coast, a Honu (sea turtle) benevolently peek its head out of the ocean for air while snorkeling at Hanauma Bay or diving with a school of manta rays on Big Island are moments you will never forget.

Honu (Sea Turtle) Mother of Pearl Collection

What truly makes these experiences so special is attributed to what the Hawaiian sea life represents. The Honu, for example, symbolizes protection and long life, while the Manta Ray represents wisdom and grace, meaning that if you encounter one, you have been gifted with these qualities. Bring to life your special experience with the Sea Life and Ocean Dance collections.

Cotton-Candy Hawaiian Skies:

Maui Sunrise
The mountain landscape, coastline, and Aloha vibes are just part of what makes Hawaiʻi so alluring, but this list would not be complete without its mesmerizing sunsets. No matter where you are on the island, if you look up to the sky during that moment before nightfall, you can be sure to see the array of radiant colors displayed across the atmosphere.

Hawaiian Sunrise Collection
If you've been fortunate enough to witness a Hawaiian sunset, then you can relate. Being present for something so simple and yet so symbolic to the passage of time, new beginnings and possibilities, and that tomorrow can forge a fresh start qualifies as a favorite Hawaiian moment. Hold on to these picture-perfect sunsets with our E ho’āla collection and relive its lustrous tones with your choice of pearl and metal color. Make any hour golden hour when you wear the South Sea Gold pearl or recreate that cotton candy sky with a Lavender or Akoya pearl set in Rose Gold.

Life is full of moments that inspire us to live to the fullest and not take anything for granted. From the small to the monumental, these experiences make us who we are.

Tell your story with cherished island keepsakes that radiate your favorite Hawaiian moments.

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