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The Tradition of Hawaiian Heirloom

The cultural influences of the British in Hawaiʻi date back to the late 1700s, when the first English voyagers, James Cook and George Vancouver arrived.

In 1887, Queen Victoria of England celebrated a prosperous 50-year rule with a Jubilee attended by heads of state from all over the world—including Queen Lili’uokalani, Hawaiʻi's last ruling monarch. Queen Victoria gave the young Hawaiian queen a gift of a gold bracelet, enameled with her name in black Old English letters. Harking back to medieval styles, it spoke to Victoria’s love of sentiment and nostalgia for things past.

On returning to the Islands, Queen Lili’uokalani was inspired to design a similar pattern featuring Hawaiian flowers and plant designs; she used the Old English style lettering enameled in black to inscribe Hawaiian words such as Hoomanao Mau (Lasting remembrance), R.Naiu (Royalty, the Lofty Ones) and Liliuonamoku (Lili’u of the Islands). In this way she transferred her deep feelings for her birthplace, home and people from her heart to her bracelets—a sentimental reminder for herself and a symbol for others to admire.

Hawaiian Heirloom jewelry has become increasingly sought after as interest in the Islands' unique heritage continues to grow. Each piece is custom-designed to reflect the wearer’s own heartfelt sentiments. Choose a name or a word; our designers can suggest many of the most popular Hawaiian phrases, including Ku'uipo (Sweetheart), Ku'ualoha (My Love) or simply, Aloha (Love).

Today, we diamond-cut the golden surface with florals and scrollwork that leave brilliant radiance. Your special name or message is engraved then filled in with rich black enamel in the traditional manner, or cutout and raised for a more contemporary theme. Bracelets and rings may be worn with the lettering facing out to share with others, or inwards, to cherish privately.

For more than 125 years, Hawaiian Heirloom jewelry has become a proud symbol of the islands and of everlasting love. It makes a perfect remembrance of your time here, and a special gift for important occasions.