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The Love in Aloha - Aloha Heart Collection

Capture the love in Aloha with our signature Aloha Heart Pendant. Discover the hidden message as light shines through its shimmering diamond cut heart.


Aloha is more than just another word for "hello" and "goodbye." Aloha is the Hawaiian word for love, kindness, sympathy and grace. Aloha even has cultural and spiritual meaning in Hawai'i.



The quality, details and artistry found in our Aloha Heart design is captured in the distinct diamond cuts, full faceted diamonds, high polish finish and carefully crafted design of Aloha. Shine light on the Aloha Heart and bring to life the Aloha magic with this exclusive collection.



Every Aloha Heart piece is examined, hand-polished and created with care. A high polish ensures it captures every ounce of light reflected on the heart-shaped design and diamond cut adds a gorgeous shimmering effect. It's yours to cherish for life with our Forever Guarantee.

For years, this collection has been a staple in our selection of Hawaiian jewelry, and rightly, so---every time you wear our Aloha Heart, it's a reminder that Aloha, love and your memories of the Hawaiian Islands are always close to your heart.

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