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Sustainably & Responsibly Sourced Greenland Rubies

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Maui Divers Jewelry is proud to offer sustainable and responsibly sourced Greenland Rubies on select pieces. The rubies featured in these specific designs showcase an intense pinkish red, and every purchase helps fund the Pink Polar Bear Foundation, which educates on climate change.

A Journey Through Time
Each ruby has a unique fingerprint; its composition and inclusions tell of an ageless journey through time and temperature. Greenland rubies from Aappaluttoq are found in a hard rock (primary) deposit considered by geologists to be one of the oldest formations on earth, having been created over billions of years.

Differences between Rubies and Sapphires
Rubies and sapphires surprisingly share the same chemical composition. Their difference is given by the presence of the trace element, chromium, from which these gems get their color. When corundum is red, it is called Ruby; when it is another color, it is called Sapphire.

Each gem is tracked and traced from the mine-site through processing, cutting, polishing, and sorting.

Did you know?
Ruby is the birthstone for July, and the gem celebrates the 15th, 40th and 80th Wedding Anniversaries.

Hand-crafted with Greenland Rubies




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