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How to Measure for Your Bracelet Size

Want to find your bracelet size so you can finally order a beautiful Hawaiian bracelet that you've been eyeing? We're here to help you easily find your bracelet size. Once you find it, you'll want to go here to shop our line of exclusive, locally made Hawaiian bracelets.


What You Need to Get Started:

  1. Fabric Measuring Tape
  2. Tape (this will help hold the measuring tape in place)

How to Measure Your Bracelet Size in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Tape the fabric measuring tape over the center of your knuckles.
  2. Clench your hand with your thumb folded in and your other fingers out.
  3. Fold the remaining measuring tape under your hand and over the knuckles until you meet the start of the measuring tape.
  4. Where the measuring tape meets indicates the size you'll want (for example, if you wrap it around and it meets at 7", your bracelet size is a 7").

Helpful Tips:

  • Wide bangles / bracelets are harder to put on. It is recommended to go up a quarter or half inch for 10-32mm width bangles / bracelets.

Already own a bracelet, but don't know the size?

  • To measure your existing bracelet size, simply measure the inside of the bracelet with your fabric measuring tape.