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Chocolate Tahitian Pearls Education

Chocolate Tahitian Pearls are the latest cultured pearl sensation, adding a whole new dimension to the ever-popular Tahitian Pearl variety. Introduced a little more than a decade or so ago, these dark, lustrous pearls are the perfect adornment for any outfit for any occasion in any season. So what makes this new class of pearls so unique and popular?

Chocolate Tahitian Pearl Creation

The Chocolate Tahitian Pearl is really a Tahitian Black Pearl whose initial coloring has been modified to create one that is uniquely bronze in color. The pearl is from the Pinctada Marfaritifera oyster, like all Tahitian pearls, before the coloration process. The proprietary process augments the darker aspects of the pearl's color to produce a range of gorgeous colors from a honey or copper coloration all the way to a luscious chocolate brown.

The Luster of Chocolate Tahitian Pearls

The luster of the Chocolate Tahitian Pearl is, like other Tahitian pearls, one of the reasons to own this natural wonder. Its reflective properties can range from a soft, satiny feel to an almost metallic luster. This wide spectrum comes from this brown pearl's roots as a Tahitian pearl as well as the processing used to create its coloring.

The Color of Chocolate Tahitian Pearls

The color of our Chocolate Tahitian Pearls are obviously brown - but the variations in the colors can range from an alluring tiger's eye gold all the way to deep, dark espresso brown. These beautiful tones make for interesting new offerings of pearl strands as well as rings, earrings and pendants. Rich autumnal colors of golds, reds and greens will marvelously complement these beautiful gems.

The Size of Chocolate Tahitian Pearls

Our Chocolate Tahitian Pearls range in size anywhere from 8mm to 13mm. This wide size range enables a vast swath of jewelry pieces to be made with these gorgeous pearls. Big, bold strands, petite earrings, striking pendants and more can all be created with our Chocolate Tahitian Pearls.

The Shape of Chocolate Tahitian Pearls

All of the Chocolate Tahitian Pearls at Maui Divers Jewelry are classic spheres, though, like all pearls, they can be found in numerous shapes. The pearls are formed in the same way all Tahitian pearls are formed, through friction within the oyster. The difference with our brown pearls is that the coloring, which starts as black, is transformed into copper, brown and deep gold tones to give you yet another cherished pearl experience.

Cleaning and Care for your Chocolate Tahitian Pearls

Cleaning and caring for your new brown pearls is as simple as caring for any other pearls. Do not wear them when you're working out, gardening or washing dishes. When you take them off, wipe them down with a damp, soft cloth. Store them in a soft pouch in your jewelry box to keep other jewelry from scratching them. Regular upkeep will keep your pearls as shiny as the day you buy them. Follow these few simple rules and your pearls will last a lifetime.