Why are Rikitea pearls so valuable?

Rikitea pearls, also known as Mangareva pearls, are cultivated in the pristine waters surrounding the remote island of Mangareva, part of the Gambier Archipelago in French Polynesia. The island’s secluded location, nutrient-rich waters, and skilled pearl farmers give rise to some of the most coveted pearls in the world. Rikitea pearls are renowned for their natural colors, exceptional quality, and distinctiveness.

Rikitea Pearl Strand by Maui Divers Jewelry

Unveiling the Natural Beauty

One of the distinguishing features of Rikitea pearls is their remarkable range of colors. These pearls display a mesmerizing spectrum, including lustrous green, soft pink, turquoise blue, eggplant (purple), and even deep shades of gray and black. Each pearl possesses a unique blend of colors, making them a perfect choice for jewelry connoisseurs seeking individuality and elegance. Rikitea Pearls

Nurtured by Nature

The Gambier Islands provide an idyllic environment for the cultivation of Rikitea pearls. The pristine waters are teeming with rich marine life, which serves as a natural source of nourishment for the pearl oysters. Gambier Island’s remote location ensures minimal pollution, allowing the pearls to grow clean and uncontaminated, resulting in exceptional quality and purity.

Cultivation Process

The cultivation of Rikitea pearls follows a meticulous and time-honored process. Skilled pearl farmers delicately graft a small piece of mantle tissue into the oyster, stimulating the production of a pearl sac. Over time, layers of nacre build up around the nucleus, creating a luminous pearl. The nurturing process takes several years. Careful monitoring of the oysters ensures optimal growth and development.

Rikitea Pearl Farm

Unique Characteristics

Rikitea pearls possess unique characteristics that set them apart from other varieties. Their remarkable luster, often referred to as a mirror-like glow, enhances their overall beauty and radiance. The pearls’ smooth and flawless surface further accentuates their elegance and sophistication. Each pearl tells its own story through its shape, size, and coloration, making it a treasured gem with a distinct personality.

Rikitea pearls, with their captivating allure and extraordinary charm, are indeed a treasure of the South Pacific. The rich colors, exceptional quality, and unique characteristics make them highly desirable in fine jewelry. As you explore the magnificent world of pearls, consider indulging in the allure of Rikitea pearls. This exquisite gem captures the essence of nature’s imaginative beauty.



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