Top 10 Must Haves from Maui Divers Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry that captures the essence of Hawai'iʻs natural beauty, Maui Divers Jewelry stands out as a true gem. With a rich history dating back to 1959, our brand has been creating stunning pieces inspired by the islands' vibrant marine life. Whether you're looking for something elegant, symbolic, or just downright stunning, our top 10 must-have jewelry selections have got you covered.

  • Yin Yang Black Coral Pendant in White Gold with Blue Sapphires

This captivating pendant combines the serene symbolism of the yin yang with the deep allure of Hawaiian black coral and the brilliance of blue sapphires. Crafted in white gold, it's a harmonious piece that balances elegance and nature's beauty.

Yin Yang Black Coral Pendant with Blue Sapphires

  • Hawaiian Heirloom Plumeria Bracelet in Gold

Embrace the rich heritage of Hawaiʻi with this intricately designed plumeria scroll bracelet. In gleaming gold, it captures the essence of the Islands' flora and royal history. The hinge design with safety clasps showcases the distinguished craftsmanship, ensuring the bracelet is secure and easy to take on and off.

Hawaiian Heirloom Plumeria Bracelet

  • E Hoʻāla Tahitian Black Pearl Ring in Gold with Diamonds

Glimmering rays of gold, twinkling diamonds, and a lustrous Tahitian pearl personify the experience of the Hawaiian sunrise with the E Hoʻāla Ring. E Hoʻāla, which means "awakening" in Hawaiian, aptly describes the magical moment the sun peaks over Hawaiʻi's enchanting waters.

E Hoʻāla Tahitian. Pearl Ring

  • Ocean Dance Humpback Whale Earrings in Gold with Diamonds

Celebrate the humpback whale's momentous seasonal migrations to the Hawaiian Islands with these exquisite earrings. Crafted in timeless 14k yellow gold and adorned with diamonds, these earrings depict the grace and playfulness of these ocean giants.

Ocean Dance Humpback Whale Earrings

  • ʻŌhiʻa Lehua Ruby Pendant in Two Tone Gold with Diamonds

Inspired by Hawaiʻi's ʻŌhiʻa Lehua tree which grows after new lava flows, this collector's masterpiece gives life to the fiery legend of two lovers that embody this native blossom. Share the pendant's symbolism of passion, resilience, and everlasting love every time you wear this powerful piece.

ʻŌhiʻa Lehua Pendant with Diamonds

  • Honu Turquoise Pendant

The honu (sea turtle) have a strong connection to Hawaiian identity. They are believed to provide protection, guidance and ancestral connection to families. This turquoise pendant beautifully captures the spirit of the honu, making it a meaningful and charming accessory.

Honu Turquoise Pendant

  • Monstera Ring in Gold with Diamonds

Inspired by the iconic monstera leaf, this organic Monstera design is a sophisticated statement ring. Embellishing diamonds catch light like droplets of water running down golden tropical leaves after a refreshing morning rainfall.

Monstera Ring Gold with Diamonds

  • Heritage Tahitian Pearl Necklace in White Gold

Dive into the depths of the ocean with the Heritage Necklace. Named after our adventurous beginnings as deep-sea divers and our unexpected discovery of Hawaiian black coral beds, the Heritage Necklace emulates the unique structure of Hawaiʻi's black coral trees and the mysteries of the ocean with lustrous Tahitian pearls.

Heritage Tahitian Pearl Necklace

  • Honu and Plumeria Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Crafted in Sterling Silver, this bracelet marries Hawaiʻi's beloved Honu (sea turtles) and flower of welcome. Hidden within bracelet's design is the Hawaiian word for sea turtle. Reveal the word "Honu" in the sea turtle's diamond-cut shell as watch as diamond cuts sparkle along plumeria petals. Cherish the symbols of grace and endurance in Hawaiian culture. It's a versatile accessory for every wear.

Honu and Plumeria Bracelet in Sterling Silver


  • Moon and Star Mermaid Earrings in Two Tone Gold with Diamonds

These enchanting earrings depict a whimsical combination of moon and star motifs from the Mermaids Collection. Inspired by Kananaka, a legendary mermaid who frequented the shores of Lāhainā in Maui singing and dancing under the light of the moon, this piece brings to life the magic and mystic of the Islands. Crafted in two tone gold and adorned with diamonds, they are a celestial and maritime-inspired delight.


Moon and Star Mermaid Earrings with Diamonds

These jewelry pieces from Maui Divers Jewelry are not just accessories, they are expressions of artistry, culture, and the natural beauty of Hawaiʻi. Whether you're seeking elegance, symbolism, or a touch of the islands, these pieces bring Hawaiʻi home to you.

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