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Article: The Top 5 Jewelry Trends of 2022

The Top 5 Jewelry Trends of 2022

2021 was quite the year for jewelry! Earrings, pendants, and necklaces made the top of the list of 2021 mostly impart to the pandemic and the new work-from-home norm (…remember all the zoom calls?). However, with an uncertain year ahead for 2022, who knows what is in store? What we can be certain of is the early jewelry trends we are already seeing for 2022. Let us dive in and see if what you can expect for the jewelry trends for 2022.

Trend #1: Turquoise

Aloha Heart and Nalu Heart Jewelry

What makes turquoise part of the latest trend for 2022? Its vibrant blues of course! With the impending uncertainty of the pandemic, we are seeing more and more turquoise become the hot new gemstone of 2022. The dramatic blues are reminiscent of the tropical blue oceans of Hawaiʻi, making turquoise a way to escape from the noise of the everyday and into the blue oasis.

Trend #2: Pearls

Pearl Strands for Men and Women

Love or hate it, pearls are here to stay. Thanks to icons like Bretman Rock, Harry Styles, Pharrell Williams, and even Shawn Mendes, we are seeing pearls continue to show up on the red carpet and even more so in street wear and everyday looks. Let us not also forget the plethora of female stars like Zendaya, Scarlett Johansson, and royals like Kate Middleton who remind why us pearls are classic. Whether it is choker style, extra-long layers, or baroque (not perfectly round) pearl strands, pearls are becoming the hottest trend for both men and women.

Trend #3: Layering Chains

Layering Chains

Take a moment while watching your favorite sitcom or TV show and you will notice that layering chains are more popular than ever. What makes the trend so popular is that it is easy to use the chains you already own. Whether you have a plethora of chains in your collection or you keep adding on, there are so many creative ways to pull a look together with your chains. There is one chain in particular that we are seeing over and over again and that is the paperclip chain. Its modern elegance and versatility easily make it our number one recommendation for chain layering.

Trend #4: Hearts

Heart Shape Jewelry

Who says romance is dead? Heart-shaped jewelry is your best friend for 2022. Not only is heart-shaped jewelry a way to show your affection for your loved one, it is also a reminder of self-love! More and more women are buying heart-shaped jewelry for themselves and we understand why! A heart if the perfect reminder for self-love and self-care. If you are on the search, we highly recommend our Nalu Heart and signature Aloha Heart Collection. The Aloha Heart magically shows the hidden message of “Aloha” each time light shines through the pendant, ring, or earrings.

Trend #5: Ring Stacking

Stackable Hawaiian Rings

If you love accessorizing, this one is for you. Ring stacking is the final trend on our list. If you are accustomed to matching gold colors, then it is time to let that go and get ready to mix things up. What makes this ring stacking trend different from others in the past is that we are seeing all different metals and gold colors mixed and matched together to create trendy new looks. Do not miss our latest stackable rings that will level up your accessory game.

Now we want to hear from you! What trends are you most excited about for the 2022 year? Which ones do you love and which ones do you wish would go away for good? You be the judge. Any trend tips or styling tricks? Leave them in the comments for all to discover.

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