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Article: The Hottest Summer Jewelry Styles

The Hottest Summer Jewelry Styles

Summer is here and we are here to help you choose the hottest summer jewelry accessories to help perfect your summer styles. Whether you’re shopping for Modern, playful, sparkly, or indulgent jewelry, we have recommendations that will elevate your summer wardrobe.


#1 Beachy
Bring the tropical vibes of Hawai'i with you everywhere with our Island Lifestyle designs. They deliver that easy-going, go with the flow vibes that every summer needs. 
Beachy Summer Jewelry Styles 
#2 Modern
Modern pieces are the easy way to elevate a look. We recommend our Eclipse Collection or Heritage Collection which emulates the Hawaiian black coral’s organic aesthetic and references our humble beginnings as divers.

Modern Summer Jewelry Styles 

What’s more fun that wearing your favorite sea creature. Whether you’re adventurous, silly, or a bit of a goofball these playful designs from our Sealife Collection will be a remind to keep the fun going all summer long.

Sealife Collection  

With the summer sun beating down for the next few month before fall’s arrival, why not sparkle like the sun with a healthy dose of diamonds? Check out our exclusive line of diamond Hawaiian jewelry that brings the warmth and energy of the Islands.

Shop Diamond Jewelry 

What’s more bold than black and gold. We recommend our sustainably sourced Hawaiian black coral collection which showcases the lustrous Hawai'i state gem in a variety of exclusive Hawai'i-inspired designs. 

 Black Coral Collection

#6 Beachy
Wish you could bring the rushing crystal blue wave of Hawai'i with you everywhere? Now you can with our Nalu (Ocean Wave) Collection. Choose from our double wave, triple wave, and wave heart designs which capture the beauty, power, and grace of Hawaiian waves.

 Nalu (Ocean Wave) Collection

#7 Dainty
For those who love a healthy, stackable ring look or just want a little accessorizing, we’ve rounded up favorites that provide that tiny pop.


This list wouldn’t be complete with our pearls. Pearls continue to be a statement piece that never go out of style. Choose from Island favorites like floating pearl necklaces, pearl pendant, pearl studs, and colorful pearl strands.


#9 Chains
A simple chain can immediately pull your look together. We recommend a few that will be versatile, shimmering, and stylish like our modern Paperclip, chic Bella Link, and sparkling Singapore chains.

 Shop Chains

What makes the top of your list when it comes to accessorizing for summer? Sound off in the comments!

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