The Honu: A symbolic journey of resilience and wisdom in Hawaiʻi

With its magnificent scenery, vibrant culture, and deep-rooted traditions, Hawaiʻi is a land filled with legends and symbolism. Among the various symbols that hold great significance in Hawaiian culture, the Honu, or Hawaiian green turtle, stands as a powerful representation of resilience, wisdom, and connection to the natural world. One of the Earth’s oldest animals, the honu is known for guiding the Hawaiian people to the Islands. Let's explore the origins and significance of the Honu, an ʻaumākua (spiritual guardian), in Hawaiʻi. 

A Honu diving into the water

The Honu's physical and cultural significance 

The honu, known for its distinctive greenish, brown color and gentle nature, is the largest hard-shelled sea turtle species found in Hawaiʻi. These majestic creatures can weight up to 500 pounds and live for several decades. In Hawaiian culture, the honu may be a family's ʻaumākua, a guardian spirit. Honoring the Honu as an ʻaumākua is deeply ingrained in the culture of Hawaiians, and their presence holds both historical and spiritual significance. 

Beyond myths and cultural symbols, the honu have a strong connection to Hawaiian identity. As an ʻaumākua, the honu is believed to provide protection, guidance and ancestral connection to families. It has become an iconic symbol of Hawaiʻi. The image of honu can be found in a variety of artistic styles, including jewelry, and traditional Hawaiian tattoos, serving as an expression of love and respect that Hawaiians have for their land, sea and their ʻaumākua.  A Honu laying on the beach at sunset

Ancient Hawaiian Legends 

The Honu occurs in various myths and legends throughout Hawaiian stories, each adding to the turtle's symbolism. One well-known legend tells the story of a honu named Kauila, who took the form of a girl to help guide and protect the Keiki (children) in the ocean. Kauila is regarded as an ʻaumākua who watches over and provides guidance to the Hawaiian people.  

Resilience and wisdom 

The symbolism of Honu is often associated with resilience and wisdom, qualities that are highly valued in Hawaiian culture. The ability of the honu to navigate wide oceans and return to the same beaches where they were born mirrors the Hawaiian people’s connection to their ancestral lands and the resilience required to overcome challenges. The honu’s peaceful and quiet nature has inspired Hawaiians to seek wisdom and approach life with patience and grace.   A Honu laying on the reef

Environmental Stewardship 

The honu’s story is not just one of cultural importance but also of environmental stewardship. The Hawaiian green sea turtle has suffered a dramatic population reduction in recent decades as a result of human activities such as overfishing and habitat degradation. However, through conservation efforts, the honu population has been gradually rebounding. Today, the presence of the honu serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting and sustaining Hawaiʻi’s delicate ecosystems. 

The honu, with its rich cultural significance as an ʻaumākua and its lifelong presence in Hawaiian folklore, embodies the spirit of resilience, wisdom and environmental stewardship that deeply reasonates with the people of Hawaiʻi. From ancient legends to modern-day conservation efforts, the story and meaning of the honu continue to inspire and remind us of our connection to the natural and spiritual world. Honoring and protecting these remarkable creatures, isn’t just a symbol of Hawaiʻi’s cultural heritage but also contributes to the conservation of our planet for generations to come.  Three Honu pendants - Maui Divers Jewelry   Honu by the numbers: 

  • They can live up to 100 years 
  • They can dive up to 1,500 feet 
  • They can weight up to 500 pounds 
  • Each clutch varies between 75 to 200 eggs 


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