Layering Necklaces: Explore the Art of Self-expression

In the intricate world of fashion and self-expression, there's a captivating trend that goes beyond mere aesthetics - the art of layering necklaces. Join us on a style journey through this expressive practice, where each piece becomes a narrative, and every layer tells a unique story. 

Develop your story

Each necklace becomes a wearable story when you add in pieces that remind you of your fondest memories. Layer in charms and pendants to bring your favorite memories together. If you're just starting out on your jewelry journey or want to add more pieces to your collection, make sure to read our blog on the meaning behind our designs and explores our unique made in Hawaiʻi masterpieces.

Model layering two necklaces

The power of layering

The art of layering necklaces goes beyond following fashion trends. It is a dynamic form of self-expression, allowing wearers to curate their own unique style. The versatility and trendiness of layering make it a captivating and ever-evolving style. 

Mix and match chain lengths

If you're new to layering, don't be afraid to get creative. Utilize a variety of chain lengths to highlight your favorite pendants, bring some drama to your neckline, and even complete the final touch of your outfit. If you have a variety of chains that range in thickness, we always recommend wearing the thickest chain at the top of your layer and the gradually decrease it in size as your add more chains. 

Model layering two neckalces

Go bold 

For super bold layering, try a flat lay chain like the Herringbone or Omega Chain. They give a pronounced look with Modern flare that you'll love to pair with your favorite cocktail attire.

Layering with pearls

Pearl necklaces are some of the best ways to layer. Chokers and dramatically long pearl strands are an easy way to elevate looks and truly steal the show. We recommend using our pearl strands with our exclusive magnetic clasps. They snap together and allow you to create long strands in just seconds. 

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 Model layering two necklaces

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