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Article: Inspiration and Creation of Kalani Peʻa's 2022 GRAMMY Red Carpet Look

Inspiration and Creation of Kalani Peʻa's 2022 GRAMMY Red Carpet Look

Creative Director of Maui Divers Jewelry Hugo Laverde (Left). Fashion Designer Kini Zamora (Center), Kalani Pea (Right)Inspired by King Kalākaua's coronation suit, Maui Divers Jewelry and fashion designer Kini Zamora collaborated to create a custom look for the three-time GRAMMY-nominated singer Kalanai Peʻa. The custom look is specially designed for the 2022 GRAMMYs red carpet, where he hopes to take home his third GRAMMY award for the Best Regional Roots category.

Fashion Designer Kini Zamora (Left), Creative Director of Maui Divers Jewelry Hugo Laverde (Center), Kalani Pea (Right)

The custom look celebrates Kalani Peʻa's Hawaiian roots, culture, and personal identity and features a modern twist with a custom cape and purple lining. Maui Divers Jewelry complements this look with nine unique custom brooches and a pair of custom earrings.

Custom Kalani Pea Earrings with Kalani Pea Holding the Maui Divers Jewelry Box

The brooches feature taro leaves, maile leaves, purple pearls, purple enamel, and lauhala weaving which symbolize connection and tradition and hold great importance to Kalani's family.

Nine Unique Custom GRAMMY 2022 Brooches for Kalani Pea Red Carpet Look

The custom brooches and earrings were created locally in Hawaiʻi by local jeweler Maui Divers Jewelry. Twenty-five local artisans worked together to make each piece, taking over a hundred hours. The designs feature striking purple enameling with curated purple freshwater pearls in 14k gold.

Kalani Pea Trying on the Custom Red Carpet Cape / Suit for 2022 GRAMMYs

Local fashion designer Kini Zamora also created the custom suit locally in Hawaiʻi with his team of local designers. The red carpet look is a true representation of Hawaiʻi on the red carpet.

Kalani Pea Admiring the 2022 Red Capet GRAMMYs Cape / Suit

Look for the premiere of the custom red carpet look at this year's 2022 GRAMMY awards.

Airs Sunday at or on their Youtube page

Photos Courtesy of Antonio Agosto

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