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Article: 5 Jewelry Care Tips Every Jewelry Owner Needs to Know

5 Jewelry Care Tips Every Jewelry Owner Needs to Know

Model Wearing Lei, Plumeria Earrings and Hawaiian Heirloom Plumeria Scroll Pendant Holding Maui Divers Jewelry Blue Box

You’ve chosen your new perfect piece. The store associate carefully packages it in our signature blue box and pouch or perhaps you simply must wear it out. You admire it during the car ride and even spend some time modeling it in your mirror at home.

So, how do you keep the jewelry you love so much looking perfect over time?

Here are 5 easy tips to help preserve that lustrous appearance:

1. As much as you love wearing your Maui Divers Jewelry, always remove them before bed as well as showers and activities like exercise, gardening, household chores and swimming.

2. After each wear, gently clean with a soft cloth to remove any residue from the day and place it in a jewelry box or case to avoid scratches and any damages to the stones or metal. Pro Tip: Separate your necklaces from each other to keep them from tangling. A good method is to hang them on jewelry hooks or if storing them flat, extend and straighten out the chain to avoid knotting.

3. Jewelry adds that perfect touch to any outfit, just be sure to put it on last. Because perfumes and lotions can cause tarnish, especially to pearls and coral, be sure your jewelry is the last thing you put out on before heading out the door.

4. Planning a beach day? Be sure to bring along a soft jewelry pouch to store your pieces in and never leave them in the hot car, instead bring it down to the sand with you and keep in a cool, safe place like the bottom of your beach bag.

5. Last, but certainly not least, is maintenance. Keep your fine jewelry looking its best by scheduling an inspection and professional cleaning about every six months. And as always, our Forever Guarantee protects you from any workmanship or material deficiencies. If your jewelry is damaged aside from wear and tear, simply bring your item in and we will get it looking new again.

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